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Protecting the Rights of Consumers

Consumer protection laws are a form of government regulations, which aim to protect the rights of consumers. The Virginia Consumer Protection Act and the D.C. Consumer Protection Procedures Act provide consumers with a mechanism to fight back against unfair practices. Here are some general examples:

  • Company claims that its service will fix the problem you identified, but the problem remains after the service has been complete.
  • Company claims that its product or service will make you smarter, stronger, and more attractive, but the product or service only makes you stronger;
  • Company claims that its product is brand new, but the product is refurbished;
  • Company claims that its product was made in Virginia, but it was made elsewhere; or
  • Company claims that its product or service is of a particular standard or quality, but the product or service was of a lesser standard or quality (e.g., you buy a full set of encyclopedias, but the company does not provide you with Volume A or Z).

Additionally, there are specific laws concerning automobiles (financing and “lemon” laws), credit reports and scores, homes and foreclosure, identity theft, and phone fraud. These laws make it clear that businesses, small and large, must deal with consumers fairly.

Although there are specific laws in place to protect consumers in various situations, the basis for “consumer protection” cases is often a traditional breach of contract claim. Because of our vast expertise in consumer protection law, we have developed a high-level of proficiency with breach of contract claims.

If you feel that you have been wronged and need representation related to a consumer protection case, contact Steven Krieger ( for help. Your rights are protected under the law and Steven will ensure these laws are being followed and enforced.

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