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Family Law

Steven Krieger Law

Trusted Family Law Counsel

Family Law encompasses family-related matters and domestic relations. Steven Krieger Law provides clients with family law counsel in the following areas:

  • Divorces (uncontested and contested)
  • Marriage Documents: (1) Pre-nuptial agreement; (2) Annulment; (3) Affirmations; (4) Name changes
  • Spousal Support: (1) Initial Awards; (2) Modifications
  • Custody: (1) Determinations; (2) Modifications; (3) Visitations
  • Child Support: (1) Initial Awards; (2) Modifications
  • Civil Protection Orders

In addition to his experience representing clients in family law matters, Mr. Krieger is also a certified guardian ad litem* for children. In this role, Mr. Krieger has shown the court his dedication to serve the most vulnerable citizens in our court system, our children.

Steven Krieger was a wonderful and knowledgeable expert to work with. His prices are realistic and the efficiency he put into working on our case was well worth the expense. He answered all of our questions with the utmost patience. Unlike other lawyers that we had worked with in the past his reliability and dedication was outstanding. Steven was an energetic and angelic force that made our meditation easier.

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