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Lawyers in Northern Virginia and Washington DC

Practical Solutions. Honest Advice. For Everyone.

We understand that each legal matter is unique and requires an individualized approach, specialized expertise, and an ability to adapt to your situation.

Whether your issue requires a few hours of our attention or a few years, we will always work to give you practical solutions and honest advice.

Practical Solutions

To determine the most practical and efficient solution, we help you analyze the following factors to determine the best way to proceed:

  • Harm you suffered (your damages);
  • Likelihood you will win (the merits of your case);
  • Cost to recover your damages (time, emotional, and financial); and
  • Likelihood of collecting your damages from the opposing party if you win.

Honest Advice

We are experienced at helping clients understand their legal options. If your case looks very promising, that is what we will tell you. If your case looks to be very challenging, that is what we will tell you. Most cases are somewhere in the middle, so we will help you assess your situation and understand how our lawyers can help you achieve a desirable outcome.

For Everyone

Too often, people forgo adequate legal counsel because they cannot find an appropriate attorney to help them navigate our legal system. No legal matter is trivial — especially if this is your first substantial encounter with our legal system.

We are willing to assist clients who may need alternative financial arrangements. Whether your legal need is small or complex, call today to find out how SKL can assist you.

Client Bill of Rights

  • If you were wronged, it should be made right, and we will help you.
  • We will give you honest answers and advice, but the decision is ultimately yours.
  • Our communication with you will be in plain English with minimal legal jargon.
  • Every client gets our best effort — there are no “small” clients.
  • We understand that your legal matter is the most important legal matter to you, whether damages are $100 or $100,000.
  • If we cannot assist you, we will attempt to refer you to someone who can.
  • Everyone should have access to our justice system & protection from the wrongdoings of others.
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