Guide to Litigation Forms in Virginia General District Court

By: Emili Kensing

Virginia General District Court has a variety of forms to help litigants file and defend lawsuits in a more efficient manner.  Although the forms themselves are relatively straight forward (and come with instructions), the names of the forms are not as easily understood.  Below is a simple chart to help litigants determine the appropriate form to file for the most common circumstances (there are dozens of other forms that can be seen here).

Claim to collect money
Claim to recover property
Provide details of case to defendant (ordered by court)
Provide defense to plaintiff (ordered by court)
Compel landlord to fix an issue with the property
Evict a tenant
Enforce judicial order
Dismiss a filed lawsuit
Request a restraining order


Remember: Claims up to $5,000.00 may be filed in Small Claims Court and claims over $5,000.00 may be filed in General District Court (or Circuit).  A detailed explanation of the Virginia court system can be seen in this prior post.

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